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About ManlyWatchesCS

After creating a YouTube Channel in 2022 with curated selections of military, outdoor and tool watches for men, in 2023 we launched our online watch magazine.

No-nonsense curated selections and reviews of manly timepieces that are not only functional but also stylish and affordable. Directly to the information, without bloat content, pop-ups or ads. We have a penchant for well-crafted watches made by manufacturers who care more about quality and performance than appearance and status. We firmly believe there are lots of gems to discover from rather unknown companies with a shared passion for excellence, uniqueness and purpose.

On ManlyWatchesCS, we prioritize the value of our content above all else. While we do include affiliate links in some of our posts, it’s important to note that not all links within our content are affiliate links. We believe in providing our readers with honest and unbiased recommendations, regardless of whether or not we receive a commission from the linked products or services. Our primary goal is to deliver valuable information and insights to our audience

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